Domaine Roque Sestière Carte Noire

  • Appellation : AOC CORBIERES
  • Vintage : 2018
  • Grape varieties : Grenache blanc 50%, Maccabeu 40%, Bourboulenc 10%.
  • Ageing potential : 2 Ans.
  • Service temperature : 13 °C.
  • Suggesties / Food pairing : Apéritif, crustacés et fruits de mer, poissons grillés, fromages de brebis ou à pâte persillée.
  • Capacity : 0,75 cl
  • Soils : Terroir de Fontfroide : coteaux sablonneux et ensoleillés, exposition Ouest (Maccabeu et Bourboulenc). Associé au terroir de Lézignan (Grenache blanc) : terrasses où le grenache blanc décline parfaitement la palette de sa structure et de sa puissance.
  • Winemaking : Pressurage direct, débourbage statique à froid, fermentation et élevage en cuverie inox, maîtrise d’une température optimale à l’expression aromatique des cépages.
  • Color : White
  • Type : Wine

Domaine Roque Sestière

Transmitted family for four generations, the Domaine Roque Sestière had its boom in 1977, when Jean Bérail decided to vinify its first white Corbières. A pioneer in its name, Jean Bérail told Roque Sestière Domaine Roland Lagarde to her son in 1993.
For nearly 20 years, Roland and Isabelle transformed the Domaine Roque Sestière without deviating from the path of the founders: the white Corbières are still the specialty of the house and represent 2/3 of wines.
Above all, quality, authenticity, finesse is the line of conduct of Domaine Roque Sestière. In 2003, Isabelle and Roland Lagarde chose to cut to the quick and see the evolution of the area by reducing its size. Today, the Domaine Roque Sestière with only 15 hectares and a new uniquely equipped cellar, Roland "treats". It pampers its vineyards, cajole his wines to put all its production in bottles.
It offers its authentic artisan products customers, and remains available to communicate his passion. In the beautiful vault adjacent to the cellar and the house, Isabelle and Roland share their love of the land and nature, they tell their happiness vinified carefully concocting new assemblies. After a visit to the winery, they will make you taste their wines from Domaine Roque Sestière "simmered with onions" ...