Château du Grand Caumont Rosé

  • Appellation : AOP CORBIERES
  • Vintage : 2020
  • Grape varieties : 50% Grenache noir, 40% Syrah, 10% Grenache Blanc.
  • Ageing potential : 1 An.
  • Maturing wine : En cuve.
  • Cultivation method : Traditionnelle.
  • Service temperature : 8° à 12°C.
  • Suggesties / Food pairing : Apéritifs, repas d'été, viandes blanches ou rouges, barbecues, charcuteries, plats de poissons ou de crustacés, salades composées.
  • Capacity : 0,75 cl
  • Alcohol Degree : 13%.
  • Soils : Sols de graves et de sols argilo-calcaires en terrasses.
  • Winemaking : Vendangés en fin de nuit afin de bénéficier des températures les plus fraîches. Egrenage, égrappage et foulage. Macération de 6 heures, la cuve est coulée puis pressurée. Débourbage pendant 48 heures à 7°.
  • Color : Pink
  • Type : Wine

Château Du Grand Caumont

The Château du Grand Caumont AOC Corbières since 1985, is one of the jewels of the Corbières full of history. For three generations the Rigal family cultivates student and are passionate wine pleasure in Corbières appellation, Vins de Pays d'Oc and Aude Pays wines. In Roman times, the area already exists and is called "Villa Manzanetto". He then planted polycultures and covers an area of ​​nearly 1000 hectares.
Subsequently, the field will be renamed Grand Caumont, the name of the garrigue overlooking the castle. This hill covered with thyme, rosemary and shrubs lunch called "Capus Monti" which means "Bald Mountain" then gave its name to "Grand Caumont".
In the ninth century, the area belongs to King Charles the Bald offering the property to his nephew in the year 847.
During the French Revolution, the Château du Grand Caumont and its outbuildings burned completely. Only remain some vestiges of old buildings, such as the tower and two portals.
In 1850 the estate was purchased by Augustus Sarda who reconstructed buildings, implements the vineyard and built the cellar. It was at this time that the Grand Caumont became an experimental field presented model throughout the region and rewarded with a premium of honor.
In 1906 Louis Rigal founder of the famous Roquefort Rigal buys the Château du Grand Caumont, settles, founds his family and grows grapes for over thirty years.
Then he passes the estate to his son Louis Rigal which will continue its business until the late 70s.
By the early 80s, his wife Françoise Rigal takes over with passion and enthusiasm, manages and modernization of the area and created the wine marketing company bottles of Château du Grand Caumont. She performs many optimizations in terms of grape varieties, carefully preserved old vines Carignan, re-production are planted a number of plots in AOC Syrah, Grenache black and white Grenache and Merlot wines Countries and Cabernet Sauvignon. .. At the same time the Corbières appellation includes the AOC. Françoise Rigal operates with extraordinary toughness a complete renovation of the winery, equipment and buildings of the area and develops an extremely stringent quality policy that rewards the Château du Grand Caumont regularly since by many medals and awards in the world.
In 2003, his daughter Laurence joins to manage it with the area after spending fifteen years in marketing and communication in Paris. With its rich advertising experience and commercial sense Laurence Rigal today discover the wines of Château du Grand Caumont typed, elegant and fragrant to new customers in France and abroad and develops new wines rosé and white to meet the current expectations of wine lovers worldwide. It complements the vineyard restructuring work by introducing new varieties that were not present in the area such as Cinsault, Vermentino, Marselan.

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