Château La Négly Clos Des Truffiers

  • Vintage : 2017
  • Grape varieties : 95% Syrah, 5% Grenache.
  • Ageing potential : À boire, dans les 15 ans.
  • Maturing wine : En barriques pendant 2 ans.
  • Suggesties / Food pairing : Compagnon idéal d’une bécasse à la ficelle et ses toasts, pour les amateurs ce vin sera idéal pour l'apéritif.
  • Decanting recommended : Il est conseillé de le carafer avant de servir.
  • Soils : Sablo-argileux calcaire, très caillouteux, situé sur les hauteurs de Saint Pargoire dans l’Hérault.
  • Winemaking : Vendanges manuelles à maturité optimale avec tri grain par grain. Eraflage total. Cuvaison longue de 60 jours en tronc conique.
  • Color : Red
  • Type : Wine

Château La Négly

A winery deserves the name of Château if its members a building has received such distinction during its history. That of the Château Négly begins in the 18th century when the castle was known as Ancely.
In 1781, the property took the name Nerly to finally be called THE Negly in 1807.
The Castle is located in Languedoc Négly 20 km from Narbonne in the heart of Clape, in the protected designation of origin. This classified massive "job" of stones in Occitan, was an island until Roman times until the river Aude decides to link the continent to its alluvial contributions.
Its soil is composed of sandy silt, resulting from highly porous limestone boulders, allowing rainwater to be a vital reserve for our vines. The proximity of the sea gives the vineyard a maritime influence tempers the harsh climate due to the sun and the Tramontana, powerful, dry wind from the north. Ideally exposed territories of the Castle Négly Boède and are distinguished by their different soils. Indeed, Boède sandy loam and sandstone, clay and limestone Négly give the wines from these vineyards a wide range of aromas.
The vineyard of Château la Négly covers 50 hectares and that of Boède on 25. To further enhance this, Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre replaced the Aramon, Terret, white Carignan.
The harvesting machine gave way to secateurs and crates. Bastien Paux-Rosset, responsible for culture, exploits these re-encépagés vineyards stretching over 75 hectares.
The friendly growing mode fits perfectly with our quality requirements of the Château Négly. short stature, little fertilizer, frequent plowing, tying up about 1.80 m, are all guarantees of quality.
The 12 permanent employees, all the more passionate than others, are the most fervent supporters of the wines we produce. The harvest is completely removed manually in boxes of 10kg. Once our grapes harvested at their peak of maturity they are brought very quickly to the cellar to prevent oxidation. They are sorted according to the health status 4-8 people literally operate the various clusters. Eliminating in turn the not quite ripe berries, overripe or botrytised to keep only a perfectly healthy material. Sustainable farming is a major goal of the Castle Négly nothing is left to chance, budding, leafing, hand harvesting, double sorting table, weak and controlled yields. Our Treasures: The Ancely, the Gate of Heaven, Le Clos des Truffiers. In order to get the best of our wines, these wines at very low yields about 10 hectoliters / hectare are harvested at optimum ripeness, sorted grape by grape, vinified in conical wooden trunk and finally high two years in oak barrels. These nectars will delight the taste buds.

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