Les Vignerons de Tautavel et Vingrau Cuvée Silex

  • Vintage : 2016
  • Grape varieties : Syrah, Grenache Noir, Carignan.
  • Service temperature : 15°C.
  • Suggesties / Food pairing : A réserver sur des plats en sauce, viandes rôties et fromages.
  • Capacity : 0,75 cl
  • Soils : Argilo calcaire.
  • Winemaking : Vinification traditionnelle avec cuvaison d'une vingtaine de jours et de nombreux délestages et remontages. Le Carignan, lui est vinifié en macération carbonique.
  • Color : Red
  • Type : Wine

Les Vignerons De Tautavel Et Vingrau

For over 450,000 years this man is on this piece of land suitable for grapes. Certainly at the time Tautavel Man did not drink wine, but pollen analysis carried out in layers of habitat have shown that the wild vine already grew in the plain of Tautavel.
This beautiful valley breathtaking has a unique history from the Stone Age. In 1971, that was discovered in the cave "the Arago Cave" overlooking the valley, the bones of a human dating back more than 450,000 years. Discovering the one we nicknamed "Tautavel Man" is now seen as a key to understanding the origin of mankind.
Several flint tools were found in the basement and have been used by Tautavel Man to cut, wash the skins and making fire. Flint was intricately carved with incredible precision and small jewelry prehistoric times, such as stones, can still be found in the vineyards of Tautavel and Vingrau.