Domaine La Tour de Penedesses La Montagne Noire

  • Appellation : AOC FAUGERES
  • Vintage : 2016
  • Grape varieties : Grenache noir 20%, Syrah 60%, Mourvêdre 12%, pour finir avec Carignan et Cinsault.
  • Ageing potential : 5 Ans.
  • Service temperature : Entre 18°C et 20°C.
  • Suggesties / Food pairing : Magret avec figues rôties au vinaigre balsamique, Côtes d’agneau aux herbes, Epaule d’agneau aux oignons confits.
  • Decanting recommended : Un carafage qui peut lui être très favorable.
  • Capacity : 0,75 cl
  • Soils : Schistes détritiques et marbriers.
  • Winemaking : Eraflage total des raisins par Erafloir AMOS Bourguignon. Cuverie Inox Bourguignone à double paroi pour une vinification à froid. D’un diamètre extrêmement prononcé pour une hauteur réduite ces cuves à la technologie adaptée au pigeage.
  • Color : Red
  • Type : Wine

Domaine La Tour Penedesses

The vineyards of Domaine De La Tour Penedesses in the immense forest of scrub, oaks and cork are real clearings undisputed ecological niche.
Therefore, lights the extreme diversity of Mediterranean shrubs aromas that ignite our vineyards gardens "clearings": rosemary, thyme, mastic, wild mint, rockrose, arbutus and lavender.
That is the effect Earth, so typical generator found on our terraces of shale Faugerois. The agricultural land group owner of High Fougerolles belonging to the Fouque family completed the acquisition in early 2000 of an area of ​​40 hectares groin and back several generations of winemakers.
Thus the creation of the operating company, the Domaine De La Tour Penedesses located in Gabian for his winery headquarters, covers the wine growing areas of Laurens, Roquessels, Roujan, and Fouzilhon.
The acquisition of Domaine de la Tour Penedesses also corresponds with the installation "young farmer" Alexandre Fouque also aimed at creating a activté olive with the existence of multiple groves and planting new areas to develop the economy of the new activity as desired by Gerard Fouque. Originally Corsica, Fouque family also operates groves in the plain of Balagne, near the fortified town of Calvi.

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