Domaine Des Jougla Ancestrale

  • Appellation : AOC SAINT CHINIAN
  • Vintage : 2018
  • Grape varieties : Mourvèdre 40%, Syrah 30%, Grenache 30%.
  • Ageing potential : 3 à 6 Ans.
  • Maturing wine : Cuve Inox.
  • Cultivation method : Agriculture Biologique.
  • Service temperature : 15°C.
  • Suggesties / Food pairing : Viandes Rouges, Cassoulet, Daubes, Grillades.
  • Capacity : 0,75 cl
  • Alcohol Degree : 13%.
  • Soils : Argilo-calcaire, schistes.
  • Yield : 40 hl/ha.
  • Winemaking : Vendange triée à la main et égrapée, Température de fermentation 28 à 30°C. Gestion évolutive de l’immersion des baies. Suivi des fermentations et dégustations journalières, Cuvaison d’une dizaine de jours.
  • Color : Red
  • Type : Wine

Domaine Des Jougla

The Des Jougla is a family property where successive years several generations of winemakers.
Domaine Des Jougla is located northwest of the department of Herault, on the southern slopes of the foothills of the Cevennes, in the heart of the appellation contrôlée area: Saint Chinian.
Two thirds of Domaine Des Jougla vineyard is located on the hillsides laminated shale of Ordovician else occupies the bass, dolomitic limestone and clays of the Eocene.
A hundred meters under a hot Mediterranean climate and ensoileillé, our vineyards are surrounded by scrubland dominated by holm oak, Kermes, arbutus and where grow cistus, thyme and heather.
The various tenements are planted with traditional grapes of the region: Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre and Syrah: harmonious combination that gives each of our wines at Domaine Des Jougla its special character.
On both sides of the Orb and the vernazobre, with the backdrop, the words of Caroux and Espinouse twenty villages came together to produce one of the greatest wines of the region Saint-Chinian. To the north, the vines aggripe in shale that argument to the timber and wild boars, producing fruity, ample and generous. In the south, it extends over a clay and limestone soil in a mosaic of small territories with very strong personality, long and distinctive wines. This extraordinary geological and climatic diversity gives the Saint-Chinian a particular character that is like no other. Every Saint-Chinian is naturally different. The wines that claim to the name must come from the area defined Saint Chinian. Domaine Des Jougla actually gone.

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