Château Camplazens Viognier

  • Appellation : VIN DE PAYS D'OC
  • Vintage : 2020
  • Grape varieties : 100% Viognier.
  • Ageing potential : 5 Ans.
  • Maturing wine : En barriques neuves de chêne français.
  • Cultivation method : Agriculture raisonnée.
  • Service temperature : Servir frais, 7°C.
  • Suggesties / Food pairing : Coquille Saint-Jacques, quenelle, langoustines, écrevisses.
  • Capacity : 0,75 cl
  • Age of Vines : Mélange de jeunes et vielles vignes de 60 ans.
  • Soils : Sols rouges méditerranéens avec un mélange de sable, de limon et d'argile sur un sous-sol calcaire.
  • Yield : 15 à 20 hl/ha.
  • Color : White
  • Type : Wine

Château Camplazens

Camplazens Castle is located on the site of a Roman settlement on the top of a limestone massif known as La Clape.
The environment is protected since 1965, is the only activity allowed is the cultivation of the vine and grape wine. Clape was an island at the time of the Roman invasion of Gaul in 118 BC and Camplazens Castle is one of the few vineyards on the top of the massif with the vineyards at an altitude of 150 meters and 2 km of the Mediterranean sea.
Climate conditions are ideal with over 3000 hours of sunshine per year, the highest of any part of the northern Mediterranean. The summers are long and warm with the wind NW dominant dry periodically interspersed by periods of temperate sea mists of the southwest, prologue of the growing season that extends until October. Winters are mild and humid, with the risk of frost in April much smaller because of the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.
Camplazens castle is situated on a plateau of red Mediterranean soil with a mixture of sand, silt and clay on limestone soil.
In 1993, the French Ministry of Agriculture conducted a study to determine the quality of the grapes growth potential Clape and concluded: "From a geological point of view, Castle Camplazens the soils are very different from other soils on the La Clape. "..." In addition, the expected returns are much lower, in other words we have here A Grand Terroir "..." The potential of the vineyard areas that can be cultivated is considerable "The Mission of the family Close is to develop the potential of the Castle Camplazens to produce wines that are truly world class and that best express the flavors and aromas of this very special microclimate.
Camplazens castle was acquired in 2001, boutique vineyards and the Clape jewel in the heart of the Languedoc in southern France. However, this was not the natural beauty of this very special place which was the main attraction was the wine itself.

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