Domaine La Rolande Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Appellation : VIN DE PAYS D'OC
  • Vintage : 2017
  • Grape varieties : 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Ageing potential : 3 Ans.
  • Maturing wine : En cuve inox.
  • Cultivation method : Culture Raisonnée TERRAVITIS.
  • Service temperature : 12° à 14°C.
  • Suggesties / Food pairing : Grillades, Viandes rouges.
  • Capacity : 0,75 cl
  • Alcohol Degree : 12,5%.
  • Soils : Argilo-calcaire.
  • Yield : 35 hl/ha.
  • Color : Red
  • Type : Wine

Domaine La Rolande

I am a native of La Digne D'Amont, a small village in the Aude department in the Languedoc Roussillon region, 5 km from Limoux.

The passion for old tractors, old agricultural machinery and mechanics was born very early. From the age of 14, I acquired a small collection of old tractors in the course of my youth in which I spent my free time retyping them.
So I naturally oriented my studies in the field of agriculture. I obtained a BEP Agroequipement and I continued my curriculum until obtaining a Baccalauréat Agroequipement that I spent alternately in a vineyard. It is in this field that I got my first job on CDI in 2009 and thus deepened the work of the vine and discovered a little work in the cellar.

Very soon, the desire to embark on the wine adventure on my behalf is stronger than anything. The ambition to have my own vines and create my domain wins me. My passion for the culture of the vine decides me to launch myself in this trade with the aim and the objective to come to develop my own product with my own cellar. The route looks challenging but no matter ...
In March 2013, I invested in my first plots by "breaking my piggy bank". Domaine La Rolande was born. In January 2014 I have the opportunity to acquire 6 hectares of vines. From there, I leave my work and I decide to set myself up as chief operating officer. I create my application file Young Farmer and I invest on all the wine-growing equipment (tractor, plow, hair clipper, shredder ...)
Between July 2014 and March 2015, I continue to expand the Domaine La Rolande and acquire new plots.
From then on, I decided to take out my red wines which were in a cooperative and to create my own private cellar: new investment to receive new stainless steel tanks, wine press, wine pumps, stainless steel grape harvesters, destemmer, wine filters ...
My first vintage of Domaine La Rolande is born with the vintage of 2015 and is named Domaine La Rolande. The bottling of Rosé (Cuvée du Mattet), Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are my first reward and my pride.
November 2015 to March 2016, purchase of additional plots and expansion of the cellar in May / June 2016 with purchase of new stainless steel tanks to increase the volumes, change of the press with a stainless steel pneumatic press in a fixed station.

With the 2016 vintage coming, I decided to complete the range of Domaine La Rolande with the bottling of Chenin, Chardonnay, the rosé that follows its courtyard and the blending in red of merlot and cabernet sauvignon.
But also I decided to broaden the choice in my range by creating 4 new high-end cuvée:
A carignan aged over 2 years in stainless steel vats, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and a chardonnay elaborated in oak barrel.

There, finally, I ended up dreaming by creating my complete range that will retain the name of Domaine La Rolande.

Why Domaine La Rolande?

First of all, because my dwelling, my cellar and my agricultural building are located on chemin de la Rolande, and then because they are on the locality of the cadastral plan "La Rolande" just like one of my plots of cabernet sauvignon . So I naturally gave the name of Domaine La Rolande.
Then, because my paternal grandfather had taken out in 1979 a bottle bearing the name of La Rolande when he had vines in this place. So I wanted to revive this name and take it back.

Today Domaine La Rolande operates a 15 hectare vineyard, vinifies and markets its wines in a cellar equipped with stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 500 hl, as well as a stainless steel pneumatic press.
The Domaine La Rolande's vines are mainly on clayey-limestone soils. They are located in hillsides and also at the foot of hills in a small valley where 9 hectares of vines are in a single island, with plots separated by ditches.
For the year 2017 Domaine La Rolande plans to expand the winery, create a reception desk and a tasting cellar.
The Domaine La Rolande has the qualification TERRA VITIS (qualifying area and reasoned cultivation) in addition also with Sud de France and independent winemaker.
Why a clover on my bottles?
Because the clover is a good luck and I hoped my dream would succeed. My vines are studded with clovers, I'm not superstitious but I thought it would bring me luck and that maybe it was a sign of luck ...

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